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Precision Car Wash stands for superior service and high-quality products


The facility opened in Freeport, NY in 1986 with one goal in mind — to change the way cars were cleaned and protected from the hazardous effects of our environment. Being close to the ocean and surrounded by water, the South Shore of Nassau County on Long Island requires very special requirements handling for its vehicles and keeping them in tip top shake. This environment created a need to re-invent the process and rules for keeping cars and car owners happy in order to extend their longevity.




Under the same ownership since its opening in 1986, our team of professionals takes the utmost care in cleaning every kind of make and model car that comes in. Having more than 35 years of experience in the car cleaning industry, our team has a most discerning eye and understands the needs of our customers when it comes to taking care of their vehicles.

In order to make sure we deliver the best possible service, we’ll take the time to listen to your needs. When you drive up, you are greeted by one of our team members who you can talk to about your car needs and help you decide what the best service for you will be.

In addition, we offer various unlimited packages where you “can come as often as you like”. Trust us, these come in handy when a bird happens to relieve itself on your car on the same day, after you visit us. Or, when you drive over that huge pothole that was not there yesterday, but just muddied up your freshly cleaned vehicle.

Oh, did we tell you our professional team goes out of our way to ensure customer comfort while waiting. Precision Carwash servicing Freeport, Baldwin, Bellmore, and Merrick



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